Your dog thinks and loves you (eBook)

Your dog thinks and loves you (eBook)


By: Carlos Alfonso López García
Edit: Dogalia
ISBN: 978-84-940419-8-3
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 “If we wish to give dogs the chance to fully develop the cognitive strategies that would help them face day-to-day challenges, in turn improving their well-being, very serious consideration should be given to the ideas proposed throughout this book.”

Josep Call
Professor of Evolutionary Origins of Mind, University of St Andrews

Greater progress has been made in behavior science for dogs during the last decade than ever before. While we have always believed that dogs’ main mechanism for learning and interacting was associative learning, we now know that they possess amazing mental, emotional and social abilities to which they resort in order to choose their behaviors, manage their environment and relate both to one another and to humans.

It has been proven that dogs love us, hold onto the desire to become our friends, are able to understand complex situations and to solve tough problems. Hence it makes no sense to continue explaining dogs’ behavior or to keep training them on the basis of obsolete foundations—whether this be through an outmoded behaviorism that grew around experiments carried out over 50 years ago on rats and doves and whose replication with dogs was a resounding failure, or a simplistic set of ethological principles that purport to equate dog training with the organization of a pack of wild wolves.

This book gathers almost all the new knowledge about dogs made available by this wonderful decade of research, while focusing on how to apply such scientific insights to dog training and education. Since knowledge is the starting point for both respect and success, here is a novel proposal: relate with dogs, teach them and analyze their behavior in order to improve our results as trainers, reliable companions and friends.

COGNITIVE-EMOTIONAL training and education library (only in Spanish):

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